UPDATE 08.24.2020:

Because there are many, many dishonest and shady characters out there, and as mentioned below/previously, I get alerts from SmugMug when there are repeated attempts to access a password-locked gallery. I also receive the geolocation and the ISP addresses of those who attempt to "break in" and which galleries they are attempting to hack.

SO! Out of respect/privacy and the general protection of not only my beautiful clients, but my images, I have hidden all galleries in this folder. They are ONLY accessible with permission and a link from me.

If you are a potential client looking to have boudoir photography done and you'd like to see my boudoir galleries, please contact me via this website or to karen [at] karenrevellephotography [dot] com. :)

Thank you and hope you are all staying safe, healthy and well during this crazy year!



12.27.2014, a note from the photographer:

Please note that everything in this boudoir gallery is tasteful and still clothed. While all galleries have passwords implemented to protect the privacy of the models, I had originally included a thumbnail preview on each gallery.

That said, I was just made aware from my host, SmugMug, that there were repeated attempts to log into these galleries with multiple failed password guesses. My host has provided the attempted password guesses, IP addresses, ISP AND geolocations (& time and date). To those of you attempting this: please stop; do NOT attempt to continue to access these galleries.

Because of this, I have removed thumbnail previews and tightened password security. I value the beauty AND the privacy of my boudoir clients too much and will not tolerate hackers. 

Should you want to see these galleries as a legitimate, potential client, I will be happy to give you access. If I am suspicious for any reason, I will not grant access. 

And... to my loyal clients and followers (as well as future potential clients): I know you appreciate and understand how much I value you all! Thank you!! :)